Château de La Redorte
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Europe's luxury resort pioneers

In 2004, the founder of Propriétés & Co, Miguel Espada, developed a bold idea - to reconvert the best of the crumbling châteaux, abbeys, monasteries and other heritage buildings lining the Mediterranean, and transform them into luxury seaview and vineyard estates.

Braving regulatory hurdles and the challenges of building in southern Europe, Miguel and his passionate team of architects, artisans, designers and builders have since achieved something that no one had dared attempt before – to bring some of Europe's most elegant historic properties back to life while transforming them in to tasteful boutique residences and ‘spa resorts’.

This pioneering approach, which we call 'authentic development', combines the best of modern sustainability, convenience and luxury with the elegance of a by-gone age, to create upmarket estates that have been carefully integrated into the local culture and natural environment.

“Local developer Propriétés & Co (formerly Garrigae) were the first to start building and managing luxury developments in the area. Its approach is unique.”
- The Sunday Express


“I am indeed hopeful that we will be a partner with you in Provence and beyond. I believe we at Six Senses can bring to you the same passion and excellence that you envision for your iconic properties.”
- Wolf Hengst, Executive Chairman
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